How To Install Blink Outdoor

How To Install Blink Outdoor. Scan the qr code found on the back of your sync module, or enter the serial code. From the home screen, tap the add device + icon.

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To scan a qr code, the blink app requires permission to access the camera on your mobile device. To install a blink outdoor camera system, you will need: Attach the doorbell and test.

First, Mount The Outdoor Camera On A Sturdy Surface Like Your Home’s Eaves Or Garage.

Select device from the add device screen. Qr scan would need the device access on the mobile device. Mounting screws are included in the box.

You Can Either Put The Device Serial Number Or Scan The Qr Code From The Device.

Extra mounts and other accessories are easily found at Now scan the qr code that is printed inside the camera’s battery compartment. You must first have a blink outdoor camera set up in your blink account, before attaching the camera to the mount.

To Install A Blink Outdoor Camera System, You Will Need:

From unboxing to attaching to the side of the house, and everything in between. The serial number is also printed as a qr code. Go to home screen and click on add devices icon (plus icon).

Blink Outdoor Camera Kit With Blink Mini (Save $115) If You Subscribe To The Blink Plan, You Can Record, View, And Save Video Clips In The App.

Blink xt camera system complete setup. Next, click done to finish setting up your blink camera. The add device screen displays your device options.

Remove The Camera’s Back Panel To Insert Batteries.

Once you install the camera outdoor, it will automatically adjust according to the environment and produce better quality videos. Next, scan the qr code inside the blink camera. The add device screen displays your device options.

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